Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ohio Jobs For Blue Buffalo How Much Would It Cost To Paint A Honda Del Sol?

How much would it cost to paint a Honda del Sol? - ohio jobs for blue buffalo

What is the average price of a painting of the Honda-Dol? It is the red line, but I want blue or green. Not only the bands of one color or flames. I am in a small town in Ohio, which really makes a difference.


invader_... said...

It really depends on where you get going and what kind of paint job. You can get a good finish MAAC (do not know if they have them in Ohio) for approximately $ 200. However, no loan, no. A contract for $ 200 painting is almost as good as something you do yourself. Dealers, of course, will pay more, perhaps $ 1000 A nice finish with a person, the PPG or House of Kolor more. Some of his own wings in the city is the best way to know the price of something. There are simply too many variables.

blownhem... said...

Change the color of a car's make a deal too good, you have to remove most of the interior panels and is easier to remove the engine if you want to make the engine compartment. For a very good job, probably in the range of $ 7000.00 +, if you can find a lot to be done to save a little money then just find someone to paint.

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